At Melville City FC we are proud to publish our successes. This section of our web site is dedicated to the photos of players and teams who have excelled this season.


Viewing Photos:

Simple! Go to and search on any of the tags below. You don't need to be a member. Or click on the links below:

MCFC Whole of club
MCFC2011 All photos from 2011, etc

Uploading Photos:

To upload an individual or team photo, you will need to open a free account on

Upload your photos from 2011 into the group called MCFC2011. Importantly, tag the photo with as many of these tags as apply:

  • MCFC
  • MCFC2011
  • MCFC2011Uxx = where xx is year group
  • MCFC2011UxxY = where Y is team letter: A, B, C etc

This way, club members can search at a club-wide, age-wide or team level for relevant photos.


Rules (for good sense):

  • Ensure photos are less than 1MB
  • Ensure that you have permission before you upload the photo
  • Post only photos that are relvant to Melville City FC
  • Be careful about adding any personal details in Comments or Notes