Our Grounds

Melville City FC occupy two separate playing grounds:

  • Pitches A, B and C at Len Shearer Reserve, Marcus Ave, Booragoon

    Note that Pitch B is also broken into two smaller pitches for junior games:

    • Pitch B1 toward the middle of the grassed area
    • Pitch B2 to the east (right) in the picture below adjacent to the trees
  • Pitches A, B and C at Winthrop Reserve (aka Winthrop Park), Winthrop Drive, Winthrop

Most teams will train at Len Shearer Reserve, in a location designated in the Pitch Training Organiser

Match Day pitch allocations are defined on the Weekend Pitch Allocation page of our web site.

The following maps show these six pitches:






For a map where you can enter directions, click here.